martes, agosto 24, 2010

ipad + podium = ipodium

ipad + podium = ipodium: "

While I’m probably not speaking for the majority of you out there, I bring my iPad everywhere I go. I use it for taking notes in meetings, sending e-mails, watching movies, and even the occasional game of Fruit Ninja HD. But I have to say that one thing I’ve not done with my iPad yet is use it to give a presentation. This nifty contraption makes giving speeches and presentations with your iPad a breeze.


Created by Little Mountain Productions, the iPodium series is designed for holding your iPad (or other tablet device) in the perfect position for reading (with no hands) or interacting with the screen (with a single free hand).


Each iPodium is custom-made from hard woods and aircraft-grade aluminum, and they really have a nice look that’s at once modern and classic. In addition to working for presentations, the iPodium is a great idea for everything from museum kiosks to event registrations to game stations. It’s not clear to me if there’s any way to lock the iPad in place for use in public locations, though, so you’ll want to check on that before leaving your precious iTablet sitting out for just anyone to take.

For more info on the iPodium, contact the guys at Little Mountain here.


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