martes, agosto 24, 2010

displax skin turns just about anything into a touchscreen

displax skin turns just about anything into a touchscreen: "

This innovative technology can be rolled out onto any non-metal surface to transform it into a touchscreen.


Created by Displax, Skin is paper-thin and flexible, and when applied, can detect up to 16 finger touches at once. Skin is ideal for application onto glass or other hard, flat surfaces, and can even detect somebody blowing on the surface. Skin’s polymer surface is embedded with nanowires, which can detect the precise location of a touch, and even the direction of air flow over the wires.


As an added bonus, Skin can detect touches through surfaces up to 17mm thick, so it can be placed behind a pane of glass so as not to risk damage to the touchscreen itself.


Displax Skin is available in just about any size you can imagine, and connects to a computer using either a USB or serial connection. It sure looks like this stuff could provide for some really awesome interactive displays, especially when combined with projected images.

[via Mashable]


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