martes, mayo 05, 2009

TwitPoker - Integration of social media into Live and online Poker"

As I followed the EPT €25K final table narrated by Vanessa Rousso through her Twitter account, I realized the true potential of Twitter for live poker and why not online poker as well. The truth is, Twitter has to be the coolest way to follow a poker tournament!

If you are a fan of: 

1. A good "twitteur" and,

 2. A good poker player then you are set to enjoy one of the truest twenty first century experiences of our time.

Vanessa Rousso (@VanessaRousso), PokerStars Team Pro twittered from Montecarlo EPT. All of her 1900+ followers on Twitter, me included, held their breath while she described what was happening throughout her battle for climbing towards the final table! We knew the details and knew first hand when she had a bad beat, when there was tourney break, we knew her chipcount...we were there man!

I enjoyed it so much that I predict:

1. Poker players will become more and more disciplined when twitting while participating in an important poker tournament. They will not miss details and keep a more accurate track of chip counts. They will publish their poker experience for us.

2. Online and "brick and mortar" chip counts from live events will be automatically fed into everyone's twitter feeds.

3. There will be more and more integration between Twitter and online poker chat features. Players will be given the option to share chat comments, real time frequent player status updates, impressions or chip counts with their twitter feeds. You know, they will Twitter their poker experience with their audience. Very cool!

The future awaits those poker cardrooms that embrace social media and exploit it to the fullest of its potential.

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