viernes, mayo 08, 2009

10 things the Online Poker Industry should do with Twitter

Here are 10 ideas of how online Poker sites should use incorporate the micro blogging site Twitter:

1. Use Twitter to for RSS tournament schedules.

2. Enable recording of hands that would be easily twitted for bragging rights! Or to show a bad beat!

3. Auto tagging poker player buddies and send invites to play.

4. Add Twitter to the chat screen. Twit twit twit

5. Automatically twit the tournament you just joined.

6. Auto twit your pot/prize after leaving a table.

7. Get instant customer support through Twitter.

8. Provide poker tips and link to follow pages of the famous poker legends.

9. Broadcast poker player stats.

10. Last but not least: work seamlessly with the likely upcoming Mobile poker rooms for iphone and blackberry.