viernes, septiembre 02, 2011

The Kitchen Table of the Future

The Kitchen Table of the Future:

Not so many years from now, the New York Times is betting, your morning ritual might look similar to the way it does now: sit at the table, drink a cup of coffee and read the newspaper. The “read” the newspaper part, though, might work a little differently, as the Nieman Lab found out:

And news itself, in the same way, collapses into the broader universe of information. We’re used to thinking of “the news” as its own category, as something to be consumed primarily during commutes or during post-work relaxation in the evening. But news is becoming more pervasive (there’s evidencethat many people, at the moment, consume the bulk of their news during the day, integrated into their work), and the R&D platforms reflect its ubiquity. The prototypes on display at the R&D Lab consider how news can be used, in particular, in the home, woven into the intimate contexts of the morning coffee, the family dinner, the daily getting-ready routine. They explore what it means to brush your teeth with the Times.

After watching the video, I can’t wait for this to be part of my mornings. And it doesn’t seem that far off, really.