lunes, julio 18, 2011

Download Your Favorite Google Web Fonts to Install on Your Computer

Download Your Favorite Google Web Fonts to Install on Your Computer: "

Do you love the web fonts that Google has made available for use on websites? Now you can download all of your favorites and install them on your computer in just a few minutes.

At the moment there are 190 font families to choose from. You can select the viewing style you prefer best at the top before looking through the fonts. For our example we went with the default Sentence Setting.

Once you have selected a viewing style simply scroll through the available fonts and click on the Add to Collection Button when you find ones that you like.

As you are choosing fonts you will see a running tally list at the bottom of the browser window. You can easily remove a particular font from the list if you change your mind about it.

If you decide to review your list of fonts before downloading it will look like this. The list will scroll left to right for easy, enlarged viewing.

When you are finished reviewing your choices click on the Download your Collection Link in the upper right corner of your browser window.

When you go to download the fonts to your computer you will see this message window. Click on zip file option to complete the download.

All that is left to do is unzip your shiny new fonts and add them to the font directory on your system!

Note: Each of the fonts will come in separate folders as seen below.

Visit the Google Web Fonts Directory [via Digital Inspiration]

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