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'He Will Never Have a Girlfriend' Meme Started with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

'He Will Never Have a Girlfriend' Meme Started with Joseph Gordon-Levitt: "

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he'll never have a girlfriend meme starring joseph gordon-levittWhether or not you thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a teen heart throb in his 3rd Rock days, this stick man certainly didn't. This meme originated on Reddit, and has prompted many others to make their own versions. The stickman rarely gets it right when it comes to predicting who will be the next big Hollywood hunk.

I found a few new ones on Buzzfeed and thought it was funny enough to try my hand at a few of them. I've selected a few favorites (including the original), added a few of my own (with some edits to text) and posted the template to challenge you to come up with a funnier one. Let's see what you got!

The Original

(Reddit user hannahisapalindrome)

A Few More from Buzzfeed

Here Are My Contributions.

And Here's The Template - Make Your Own!

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