miércoles, octubre 20, 2010

The Mysterious Stone Sphere

The Mysterious Stone Sphere: "

Ojo adonde fueron a dar nuestras esferas de piedra! New Zealand!!

The Mysterious Stone Sphere

This English-style garden near a smallish castle in New Zealand had all sorts of little sculptures and whatnot. This part of the day was overcast and cool, so it was nice to walk casually around with my tripod. I don’t know what this stone object was all about, but it certainly seemed photo-worthy.

I used a 14-24 lens for this shot, and I am still amazed how close I have to get to a subject to get it to fill up the frame. Usually, I have to get uncomfortably close to the subject. I suppose it’s not uncomfortable with an inanimate object, but, still…. you know what I mean if you have done this.

HDR Photo

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