sábado, octubre 30, 2010

A Dark Day for Gaming: Zynga Is Bigger Than EA

A Dark Day for Gaming: Zynga Is Bigger Than EA: "

I’ve never liked Electronic Arts much, DRM-hawking corporate bad guys that we hardcore gamers make them out to be. But this is a sad day, indeed. BusinessWeek has reported that Zynga, makers of Farmville, have surpassed EA in worth, growing to 5.51 billion, next to EA’s 5.22 billion.

Imagine that. EA is a gaming GIANT, arguably the most prolific, holding some of the world’s most legendary franchises (The Sims alone is the best selling PC game of all time), and Zynga has been able to surpass it all by selling pictures of wheat and cows to bored housewives.

I dunno what else to say. Seems the end times of gaming are upon us. Then again, EA is also responsible for Shaq Fu, so maybe this is just karma.

Now let us hold hands and weep.


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